Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TREASURY INQUIRY for May 1, 2009

By: goofipinay

Gather your supplies, and make TWO mother's day-related present !

There are 15 members on our guild.
There are only 12 spots for a treasury.

THREE members will not have to make a mother's day present. Instead, TWO members will be in charge of making a treasury.
Because there are two mother's day products made from each member, the two treasury makers will feature a different one.

Now, because gothictany cannot participate, she will the the third member that is not required to make the items.

Projected Dates:
April 20th:

I will message the two members who will NOT have to make the items. Two of those members will be treasury makers!
If you don't have time to make something, PM me, so you can be a treasury maker!
I have chosen maniacalmickey and CookieEater to be the treasury makers. Get to your Mother's Day items, TBGuild-ers!
You have ONE WEEK!

April 27th:
TBGuild-ers, you will have until this date to make TWO items that are mother's day related.
Have them posted on your etsy, and be sure to send me a message with TWO links to those items!

April 28th:
I will send the treasury makers the items [and numbers] that are needed to feature.

May 1st:
The treasury makers should have a treasury complete and on etsy by this date.
PM me with your link!
I will forward the links to the treasury advertiser.

May 2nd:
The treasury makers should now be advertising the completed treasury on etsy, on their blog, etc.

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