Tuesday, April 21, 2009


By: Addie_Marie

Here's the deal as far as promoting TBG on your blogs/myspace: Everybody is assigned the shop of a fellow TBG member (randomly!), and you are asked to choose an item from their shop and feature it on your blog. Comment, post pictures, promote. Make sure you mention the ThreadBanger Guild, & give these links somewhere in the post:

TBG's Etsy: http://www.tbguild.etsy.com

General Info about the Guild: http://forum.threadbanger.com/showthread.php?t=14364

The following is the schedule set up for April, in order of "your name--your partner (your partner's shop)":

Orange_Crush--B!0H@Z@Rd (www.bi0hazard2886.etsy.com)

PunkAFwife--Addie_Marie (www.mateycouture.etsy.com)

ManiacalMickey--Orange_Crush (www.stonesparrow.etsy.com)

Makaalohilohi--PunkAFwife (www.Kimmermonroe.etsy.com)

Vickilyn666--Gollygeeitsbee (www.gollygeeitsbee.etsy.com)

Simply_Hibiscus--Max_California (www.experiment99.etsy.com)

Amieeee--Simply_Hibiscus (www.simplyhibiscus.etsy.com)

Madonnaontherocks--Amieeee (www.checkeredheart.etsy.com)

CookieEater--Vickilyn666 (www.vickilyn13.etsy.com)

Gollygeeitsbee--Goofipinay (www.shilynjoy.etsy.com)

B!0H@Z@Rd--ManiacalMickey (www.whoabotvestures.etsy.com)

Addie_Marie--Makaalohilohi (www.makaalohilohi.etsy.com)

Goofipinay--CookieEater (www.MooeyAndFriends.etsy.com)

Max_California--Madonnaontherocks (www.dazeoftheweek.etsy.com)

Please feature the item/shop before the end of the month! Thank you so much! This might change in the future, but for now it's the set form of blog advertising, and I'll try to set this up twice a month.

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